Horses take a lot of supplies to look after them properly. Even if you’re keeping a horse just for pleasure in a paddock nearby, then you’re going to need a few supplies. And if you’re keeping a horse in a stable for competitive riding, you’re going to need even more supplies.

Horse supplies can be related to riding, feeding or grooming your horse, and others, too. Horse supplies related to riding include basics such as the bridle and saddle, and also extras such as different types of bits and stirrups. Riding supplies also include aids such as martingales, brushing boots and cruppers. And some of the riding supplies relate more to the rider than to the horse: helmets, jodhpurs, boots, spurs, riding crops and hairnets – and even body armour for rodeo riders.

Feed supplies for a horse include basics used by horses kept at grass such as hay and salt licks, and also specialty feeds used to make sure that stabled horses receive optimum nutrition. Medications, such as worming paste, may also be though of as a type of feeding supplies.

For grooming your horse, the minimum of supplies you’ll need will be a dandy brush and a hoofpick. A mane comb is handy, too. But to keep a horse in tip-top condition, you’ll need much more – a body brush, a curry comb (which is used for cleaning brushes, not directly on the horse), sweat scraper and rubbing cloths. Hoof oil and ribbons will complete the picture for a showhorse.

And you’ll need other supplies such as a cover or New Zealand rug to keep your horse warm in cold weather, and other accessories, depending on what you want to do with your horse, such as trotting poles and jumps.

There’s such a range of horse events on in Australia! No matter what style of riding you’re into or what level you’re at.
Australia’s lucky to be one of the few countries that compete in the international rodeo circuit (the USA, Canada, Hawaii and New Zealand are the others)....
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