Horse riding is an activity that people have known for centuries to be beneficial and enjoyable. For relaxation and exercise, few things come close to horse riding.

Horse riding is very relaxing once you and your horse have got to know each other. A rider can feel at one with his/her horse so that the two move together so the experience is enjoyable for them. Feeling another living being of another species moving with you and feeling the wind on your face is supremely enjoyable and beats meditation any day for helping you feel at one with the world. Not that horse riding is all slow and relaxing. A gallop along a beach is a thrilling experience that everyone ought to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Horse riding also brings many exercise benefits for the rider. If you’ve never been horse riding, this may seem odd – it’s the horse who’s doing all the work, isn’t it? Not quite! When horse riding, you maintain your seat and your grip around the horse with the knees and inner thighs, so these muscles get a real workout. Posture is also important, as you need to maintain your balance while the horse rocks and sways beneath you (or rises and falls in a trot), so your abdominal muscles will also be worked intensively during horse riding.

But above all, horse riding is FUN!

There’s such a range of horse events on in Australia! No matter what style of riding you’re into or what level you’re at.
Australia’s lucky to be one of the few countries that compete in the international rodeo circuit (the USA, Canada, Hawaii and New Zealand are the others)....
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