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Horses have been part of Australia�s history and are almost a cultural icon. From the wild brumbies to the legendary Phar Lap, Australian horses have the power to stir the soul and capture the imagination.

And it�s easy to see why. The horse is a creature of grace, power and beauty that has been prized throughout history for its intelligence, speed and strength. From their velvety muzzles to the tips of their flowing tails, horses have been loyal companions in peace and in war and have been treasured and photographed ever since horses first came to Australia in the pioneer days and since then Horses have been used for business and pleasure. Some Horses broke loose and became brumbies, the legendary tough wild horses that have formed part of Australian legends such as the Man From Snowy River (NSW) from Banjo Paterson�s thrilling epic poem. Horses carried settlers throughout Australia as they founded the important towns, rounded up cattle on Outback stations and thrilled millions in great horse races like the Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup and the Cox Plate.

And today, you�ll find many horses and ponies still used as working horses throughout Australia and see horses for sale, whether as a glamorous thoroughbred racehorse or as a jackaroo�s trusty mount. And plenty are loved as companion animals and pleasure horses, too as well as horse racing.  Horse racing in particular helps bring related business throughout the country so all Australians benefit from hotels to pubs in Broken Hill.  Just be careful - horses like other animals can be expensive to treat should they get crook or break a leg so pet insurance makes real sense with horses as does life insurance for the jockey!

Love horses? At Horses Australia, we do too. Bay, chestnut, black, grey, dun or palomino; Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Arabian or Shetland Pony � we love them all! So grab a horse float and a campervan (at and get out there!

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There�s such a range of horse events on in Australia from Victoria to QLD! No matter what style of riding you�re into or what level you�re at.
Australia�s lucky to be one of the few countries that compete in the international rodeo circuit (the USA, Canada, Hawaii and New Zealand are the others)....



Note:  Animal Photography in Australia courtesy of and
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